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What Is Techui? Information You Need To Know To Build Muscle Mass

What is Techui?

Total Life Changes' Iaso Techui (tah-chew-ē) is a super food that can be used by both men and women. Techui is made of Blue Green Algae, also known as Spirulina. It is found in many salt water lakes, but was first cultivated and named Tecuitlatl by the Aztecs. They made it into cakes and ate them regularly.

The Iaso Techui capsules are filled with 100% pure Spirulina powder. It has more protein than what is found in steak, and has the missing B vitamins needed by vegetarians. 
It is very useful for a meal replacement and can also be used with other TLC products like Resolution 20 Drops. 
Taking just 3 Capsules daily with a glass of water would allow you to survive over 30 days with no food and still be very healthy.
It is very useful for increasing muscle definition and growth (muscle mass), making it very beneficial for body builders so you can get a more effective workout in the gym. It will also help people who are bedridden or unable to exercise to rebuild their muscles.

Techui is very easily absorbed by the body, and is used as a powerful super food for malnourished children in poverty stricken countries. Because it is incredibly high in calcium, it is very beneficial for children, expectant mothers, people with anemia and the elderly.
It contains ten vitamins, eight minerals, and eighteen amino acids, which makes for an extremely powerful dietary supplement. It restores nutritional balance with daily consumption.
·         Iron
·         Potassium
·         Calcium
·         Zinc
·         Magnesium
·         Manganese
·         Selenium
·         Phosphorus
·         Biotin
·         Pantothenic Acid
·         Folic Acid
·         Niacin
·         Riboflavin (B2)
·         Thiamine (B1)
·         Tocopherol (E)
·         Cyanocobalamin (B12)
·         Essential fatty acids
·         Carotenoids
·         Enzymes
·         Clorofila
·         Essential Amino Acids

Benefits of Iaso Techui:
·         Allergies
·         Inflammation
·         Eye Health
·         Antimicrobial
·         Cholesterol
·         Antioxidant
·         Detox
·         Cancer
·         Chemo and Radiation Protection
·         Anti-aging
·         Complete Protein
·         Balanced Brain Chemistry
·         Anemia
·         Weight Loss
·         Digestion
·         Immune System
·         Energy
·         Stamina
·         Muscle Building and Recovery

How much is Techui by Total Life Changes?
A 30 day supply is 54.95

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