Thursday, April 26, 2018

What's The Resolution Drops Diet Plan?

Are You Looking For The Resolution Drops Diet Plan? 

Look No Further!  I've broken it down in an easy to read format for you right here on my blog so you don't have to worry about printing it out...Just bookmark this page and save it for future reference in your mobile device. 

Now, in case you haven't heard about Resolution Drops, I'll share with you really quickly.  

Resolution Drops (Review) is a proprietary formula owned by Total Life Changes.  It was introduced to the market in January 2015 and can help you lose 1 to 3 pounds daily.  You'll just place 10 drops under your tongue and hold them there for 15 seconds and then swallow.  You'll do this 15 minutes before and after each meal. 

You should follow a 1,200 calorie diet and your daily Resolution Meal Plans should look like this: 

  • 200 calorie breakfast
  • 400 calorie lunch
  • 400 calorie dinner
  • 2-100 calorie snacks

That's it...It's super simple and easy. 

With Resolution Drops, you'll learn how to eat a very clean and simple diet.  Try not to complicate it too much and you'll be fine.  The Resolution Diet plan is also ideal for a plant-based or vegan lifestyle. 

This program does require a 96 ounces of water each day which is 3 litres. (12 cups)

Remember...You are losing 1 to 3 pounds daily.  You need to flush your system and water is the best way to do that.  

Here Are My Results After Just 1 Day On Resolution!!

Okay...Let's get to it! 


Egg Whites (6 servings)
Chicken Breast
Turkey Breast
95% Lean Ground Beef
Eye Of Round
Flank Steak
Top Sirloin
Bison (Buffalo)
Venison (Deer)
1 can Tune Fish in water
Steak Lobster
Orange Roughy
Sea Bass/Tilapia

Vegetables - Each Serving Is Weighed In At 1 Cup

Lettuce - Any variety
Red Radishes
Beet Greens 


Apple - 1 Medium
Orange - 1 Medium
Grapefruit - 1/2 cup
Strawberries - 1 cup
Blueberries - 1 cup

Vegetarian Protein

Tofu (firm/extra firm)  
Tofu Noodles 


Melba Toast
Grissini Breadstick
Saltine Crackers (1)
Wasa "Lite" Crackers

Dairy Protein

Milk - 1 cup
Yogurt - Plain, non-fat
Cottage Cheese

Here Are Your Resolution Approved Drinks, Seasonings, And Extras!!

Here Is A 10 Day Sample Resolution Meal Plan For You!!

Awesome!  Okay...We got through the entire thing!  

Now just in case you need clarification, here's a video I did a few years back....

If you have any questions, once you place your order, I am here to help and I will add you to our exclusive group on Facebook!  Just shoot me an email at  You can also find the group here  

Have an awesome day and I look forward to helping you shed the weight!!

Lisa Mason

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