Team Benefits

Are You Ready To Join Total Life Changes And Looking For The Right Team To Join?

I understand why you are doing your due diligence in choosing the right team and partnership!

I am a firm believer that one should partner with leaders who are motivated and who inspire them to be their best selves!

Our team, The Prosperity Tribe, is an awesome group of individuals who have common goals and aspire to reach the top in our personal as well as our business lives.

Take a look at this personal video I made when I joined Total Life Changes in December 2014 to learn more about me and Total Life Changes.

When you partner with me, you'll have access to the following: 

  • Access To Our Secret Mastermind Group On Facebook, Prosperous Living Club.  You'll get a daily dose of encouragement and the opportunity to connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs in TLC. 
  • Access To Our Coaching Chat on Facebook, where you'll receive prompt updates regarding news, events, changes, etc.   You'll also have immediate access to me! 
  • 30 Minutes of One-On-One Coaching By Phone!  All new team members get designated time with me to assist them in meeting their goals.  Ongoing coaching is included. 
  • Team Goodies!  A List Of Links and Apps To Take Your Business To The Next Level!
  • My Personal Cell Number!  All of my team members have direct access to me!
  • Training, Training, And More Training!

What Will You Get When You Join Total Life Changes?

  • A FREE replicated website.
  • Total Life Changes Back Office. 
  • Resources And Forms To Launch Your Business. 
  • Access To Additional Training!
  • Accountability Calls, Team Huddles, And Saturday Training!

Are You Ready To Join But Have Questions?

Text Me At 901-352-1158  ~  I'm Here To Help You Succeed!

All the best!

Lisa Mason

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