Saturday, April 9, 2016

TLC Rep Distributor Training Webinar On Sale Now For Limited Time!

Are You A Total Life Changes Rep And You Need Help Building Your Business And Selling Iaso Tea?

For A Very Limited Time I Will Be Selling My Exclusive Webinar Training That Has Helped Me To 
Dominate The Total Life Changes Leader Boards 12+ Times And Personally Sponsor Over 130 Reps Into My Business In A One Year Period!!!

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In This Webinar, I have compiled the one on one coaching and training I have personally received from top six-figure earners in the network marketing industry into one concise training webinar that will teach you all you need to know to dominate the marketplace!

Are you ready to take your TLC Business To The Next Level???

Join TLC Top Recruiter And Top Retailer, Lisa Mason Minter, as she shares her secret formula for winning success that exploded her Total Life Changes business! 

Topics To Be Covered: 
  • How To Retail To Recruit To Build A Huge Customer Base, Instant Referrals, And Automatic Sign-Ups! 
  • How Resolution Drops Can Revolutionize Your Business And Send Your Profits Soaring! 
  • How To Make Yourself More Attractive And Brand Yourself For Success On Social Media! 

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