Monday, August 24, 2015

My Own Iaso Tea Testimony Of How Iaso Tea Lowered My Blood Pressure and I'm Off Hypertension Meds

Iaso Tea By Total Life Changes Helped Get My High Blood Pressure Regulated!

Maybe you're like me.  

Middle aged, and somehow high blood pressure crept up on you. 

You're on meds to regulate it but you don't like how crazy they make you feel and you wish you didn't have to take them.

I didn't like them very much either but with numbers like 153/108, 166/100 and even 250/125, I thought I'd be on them forever.  

And then I started drinking Iaso Tea aka the Detox Tea. 

Check out my video on how Iaso Tea reduced my high blood pressure!

As you can see, I'm pretty excited about my results!  

This tea has so many benefits because it is actually made with 9 cathartic herbs that helps the body to detox naturally.  

You can get more info and order Iaso Tea here:

Have an awesome day!

Lisa Mason  

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