Thursday, April 16, 2015

Total Life Changes Announces New Move To Larger Headquarters

Total Life Changes Announces New Move To Larger Headquarters As Company Hits Momentum

If you're a customer or an IBO (Independent Business Owner) with Total Life Changes, you will be especially excited by this news!

What does it mean exactly?

Total Life Changes hit momentum in late 2014 and has been inundated with Iaso Tea orders which have caused delays in production and shipping as well as an increase in customer and IBO calls to customer service. 

This new space for Total Life Changes Headquarter's corporate offices means that we are building our infrastructure to accommodate for all the new growth we are experiencing!

The new Total Life Changes Headquarters space has been secured and has 3 times the space the it currently has with many more offices and conference rooms to accommodate for the new hires that will be brought on to assist customers and IBO's. 

This is great news! 

We are very excited about the growth of Total Life Changes and what it means for the longevity of our company!

Way to go!

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9453 Marine City Hwy 
Ira, MI. 48023
Tel: 1-888-873-1898

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