Saturday, March 28, 2015

Total Life Changes Set To Add Iaso Timeless To The TLC Skin Care Line Competing With Instantly Aging

Total Life Changes Is Set To Add Iaso Timeless To The TLC Skin Care Line!!!

TLC's Iaso Timeless will be making it's debut very soon!

This new two-minute anti-wrinkle product will be comparable to Jeunesse Instantly Ageless product!

TLC Iaso Timeless will be an all-natural product and will have a much lower price point than Instantly Ageless and will sell for around $56.00. 

The TLC Iaso Skin Care Line is all natural and already boasts products like: 

  • Iaso Ojos - To remove circles and bags from under eyes. 
  • Iaso Luna - For night repair
  • Iaso Sol - Fortifies and protects skin from harmful elements
  • Iaso Oil - AKA Emu Oil, for cracked, dry skin.  Helps to moisturize and heal.  Can even help hair grow!
  • Iaso Exfolia - Exfolient with microbeads. Facial scrub. 
  • Iaso Pomica - Gentle face wash. 
  • Iaso Renique - Great alternative to facial injections like Botox.
  • Iaso Duo Prep and Peel - Spa formula exfolient.
  • Iaso Gladiator - Moisturizing bath/bar soap with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.